Fabian Weiss was born 1986 in Ravensburg, Germany. After an undergraduate program in journalism and a diploma in photography in Vienna, Austria, he moved 2011 to Denmark for a workshop based course in „Advanced Visual Storytelling“ at the Danish School of Media and Journalism with Anders Petersen and Kent Klich. Now he consolidates his passion for documentary storytelling with the postgraduate program „Photojournalism and Documentary Photography“ at the London College of Communication.

He was awarded one of the 2012 Foundry scholarships and won the Austrian Press Award ‘Objektiv 2012’ in category photo series. Fabian was also shortlisted for the Lucie Foundation Emerging Scholarship 2012 and selected amongst the 10 finalists for the 2012 LUCEO Student Project Award. His work has been exhibited in Austria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. His projects explore the profound cultural changes that occur in our contemporary world. Through personal and intimate stories that fluctuate between documenting daily life to struggling communities he likes to raise awareness for less covered issues, especially for people living on the edge of society. Searching for small and telling gestures, the images he creates are acutely observed portraits within a broader assessment of their surrounding culture. It is their closeness and intimacy that catch attention and create a bond between the observer and the documented people.

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