Alex Flynn

Alex Flynn is a freelance photojournalist currently splitting his time between New York City and St. Louis, Missouri. He spent seven years in the Army, first as an infantryman before making a move to combat correspondent. In 2013 and 2014 he deployed to Afghanistan as a photographer, where he primarily documented soldiers conducting some of last combat operations of the war.

After returning from Afghanistan in 2014, he set out to photograph a childhood friend swept up in the right-wing extremist movement, which would become a two-year ongoing documentary project. He also covered the civil unrest in Ferguson when it erupted a few miles from his home in Saint Louis, and continues to document issues pertaining to gun violence and police misconduct in the Saint Louis area. Today, Alex primarily focuses on masculinity, veteran issues, and the individual processes of unlearning violence in various communities in America.

He is an alumnus of the Eddie Adams Workshop.