Ekaterina Anchevskaya

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Ekaterina Anchevskaya, 1993, is a Russian documentary photographer and filmmaker, currently based in London. Ekaterina moved to London after studying Journalism and Spanish language in Moscow State Linguistic University to pursue a degree in Photojournalism at University of Arts London. In school, she worked on a story, “Forgiving,” and traveled to a remote Russian monastery to the Lake of Seliger portraying the monastic life of the Orthodox Church. In her documentary practice, Ekaterina focuses tries to conjure ambient emotional aspects of her stories through composition and colours.

In 2015, Ekaterina was awarded with the Royal Photographic Society and Photographic Angle Environmental Bursary for a collaborative project on the Black Sea ecology. In 2016, she traveled to Russia, Ukraine and Georgia to explore the Black Sea coast and is now planning to visit Turkey to finish the story. Meanwhile she is finishing her MA in Documentary Film with a short post-memorial documentary about the Siberian city Severomuisk, where her grandfather used to live and work on the construction of a railway tunnel.

In her work, Ekaterina is interested in emotions, human isolation, memories, and the relationship between nature and people. Ekaterina speaks Russian, English, Spanish and Portuguese and planning to broaden the geography of her practice and at the moment preparing to go to Turkey, Nepal and South America.

Visit her personal website at www.katanchevskaya.com