Bound For Success

Photographs by Shaul Schwarz and Julie Platner

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Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner are tame and outdated compared to Peter Acworth, arguably one of the most successful and cutting-edge fetish porn entrepreneurs in America. In a little over a decade, the innocent looking, boyish faced UK-native has built up his company,, operated from an enormous armory in San Francisco, to become the new mansion of desire. With porn websites that range from basic bondage and S-and-M, to high-tech sub-sites featuring women having sex with robots, offers it’s 60,000 plus subscribers anything but tame content. Kink’s ability to successfully build and expand on its brand of pornography, which, at times, focuses on the crude bondage and sex slave dungeon stuff that even some players in the porn industry consider politically incorrect, may now result in the creation of Acworth’s ultimate fantasy, “the upper floor.”

Armory where Peter lives is now being transformed in to a 24x7 lifestyle space, constantly documented by web cams. Inspired by the erotic novel “Story of O,” BDSM swinger parties are held in a medieval style castle environment, where San Francisco’s BDSM community comes together, often evoking scenes from Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. “I don’t know where he got this from” says Peter’s mom as she sculpts a bound, naked woman on the upper floor “for us, growing up in traditional England, sex was such a private matter.” To his community, Peter is the man finally making them proud, and taking BDSM out of the closet, to others he’s just a clever pervert, making millions in a sick manner