China's Ethnic Minorities

Photographs by Kevin Frayer

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China is a country so vast that its geographical and cultural diversity is hard to wrap one's mind around. In this portfolio, photographer Kevin Frayer, a Getty Images contributor based in Beijing, pushes past stereotypical portrayals of China - often reflective of its majority Han ethnic group - and finds stories of minority populations throughout the country, of which there are 55. We see the Long-horn Miao and their distinctive headdress; Uyghur Muslims in the West and Hui Muslims in the east; monks and nomads in the Tibetan plateau; and Chinese Kazakhs who train eagles to hunt.

Kevin says of his work: “I really enjoy being on the periphery of this monster of a country where the majority is 900 million or more, and seeing the cultures that are completely under threat because of rapid development. It’s a complex thing politically… I’m interested in people that sort of fall into the grey areas of being a minority or are being slowly pushed out.”

More of Kevin's images can be found on the Getty Image website.