Concealed: Portraits of LGBT Gun Owners

Photos and Text by Blake Little

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Artist Statement
By Blake Little

The massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando deeply affected the LGBTQ community and brought home the complicated issues of the 2nd Amendment. Following the lead of the Pink Panther Patrol established in 1990, an alternative segment of the LGBTQ community responded by organizing support groups for LGBTQ gun owners. Grass-roots Pink Pistols groups formed throughout America. 

This ongoing photo series presents portraits of Pink Pistol members, LGBTQ gun owners in America inclusive of age, race, gender, and sexual identity. 

The photographs are composed and attempt to “capture” the subject but firearms are such a strong signifier they affect everything in the image.  The subject becomes powerful, dangerous, sexy, alluring, all-American. The gun is a performative gesture. Even with the attempt to be unbiased and non-judgmental one cannot help being affected by the allure of the gun. 

I believe these images highlight the complexity and open the dialogue on gun ownership from both a artistic and social perspective.