Disease and Destruction Amid Yemen War

Photographs by Giles Clarke

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Text by Giles Clarke

After almost three years of relentless conflict, Yemen faces a crisis that has rapidly engulfed the majority of its population. According to latest United Nations reports published, an alarming 18.8 million people - almost two thirds of the population - need humanitarian assistance or protection support. Since mid-2015, when Houthi rebel forces took over the capital city of Sana'a, at least three million people have fled their homes from regions now embroiled in a prolonged ground war. Some 11,000 civilian deaths have been recorded in the young but devastating conflict. 

In the spring of 2017, I travelled with a local UNOCHA team around the Houthi-held rebel area documenting the ongoing crisis and crumbling humanitarian situation. Public and civil sector workers along with doctors and nurses had not been paid in over 7 months. With women and children begging on remote rural roads, it seemed that no part of this troubled country was free of the deep turmoil. 

To make an already dire situation worse, a devastating cholera epidemic subsequently swept the country in May 2017. By late September, some 850,000 people have contracted the disease to date with some 2,100 recorded deaths.

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