Donbass - A One Way Trip

Photographs by Alvaro Ybarra Zavala

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Donbass - A One-Way trip is an on-going project by Alvaro Ybarra Zavala documenting the current conflict in eastern Ukraine. The title reflects the feeling that this fighting, and the prospect of war that now hangs over the region, has inextricably changed the political and social landscape for the worse.

In the wake of the Euromaiden movement in early February 2014, pro-Russian and anti-government demonstrations began to gather momentum and soon escalated in to an armed separatist movement. The Ukrainian government, in turn, acted to suppress the uprising that resulted in the on-going conflict in Donbass.

Over the course of Donbass - A One-Way Trip, Alvaro aims to document the conflict which is leading the country down a path of no return, where wounds will be opened that may take generations to heal. The wider fear is that this volatile region will be the catalyst for a new cold war.

Over the course of this work, I aim to create a body of work that documents a key passage of our recent history; where ordinary, peaceful, people have seen their lives change because of a war that they did not predict.