Egypt's New GEM

Photos and Text by Philippe Bourseiller

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Inside the Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is the new museum of antiquities under construction in Cairo near the pyramids of the Giza plateau.

With 20,000 m2 of storage space, 17 laboratories equipped with microscopes and scanners, 80 specialists, the building housing the Grand Egyptian Museum's (GEM) reserves and restoration workshops looks like an ultra-secure blockhouse. Besides the administrative premises, the restoration workshop is the only finished structure within the immense complex, which should serve as a treasure chest of Tutankhamen artifacts from mid-August 2018. By that time, these pieces will be moved from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, where they have been housed almost since their discovery.

The 70% of the Tutankhamen treasure-chest that has never been presented to the public is now being thoroughly restored at the GEM workshops and will be presented in its entirety at the new museum's opening to the public.

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