Mugabe's Victims

Reportage by Getty Images

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July 2009: Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe and leader of the ruling Zanu PF party, has been waging a war of the armed against the unarmed for the last 26 years. It's a war his party wages against any Zimbabwean who does not go along with their brutally oppressive regime. Since 1983, when 30 000 Ndbele people were massacred by Zanu in Matabeleland, to the present day, Mugabe's rule is one of ruthless impunity and oppression. Today Zimbabwe is a failed state, 3 to 5 million Zimbabweans have fled to South Africa and a further million have sought a better life abroad. There is 90% unemployment in Zimbabwe; HIV rates stand at a conservative 25% with zero state health system for all but the wealthy. Many thousands of innocent people find themselves victims of rape, torture, destruction and mayhem at the hands of Zanu PF thugs. All large scale commercial production farms, most white owned and employing over 1.8 million Zimbabweans, have been taken over and occupied and through ineptitude brought to a production standstill. Once the breadbasket of the region, Zimbabwe now finds itself in dire need of emergency food aid, which Zanu PF uses to further control a devastated population.

March 2008 saw the official opposition party, the MDC, the Movement for Democratic Change, lifted into power by a sweeping election victory. Mugabe refuted the result and sent his militias into the cities and rural areas, terrifying Zimbabweans into a stalemate, which resulted in a South African brokered Governement of National Unity. This saw Mugabe supposedly sharing power with Morgan Tsangarai the MDC leader as Prime Minister and other shared positions across the government ranks. In reality the MDC has no real power, the Army and Police remain in the hands of Mugabe, the Central Reserve Bank remains in the corrupt hands of Mr. Gono, second in command to Robert Mugabe. Zanu PF is trying to use the so-called MDC alliance to present a new PR front to the world and attract investment into their failed state. 3 weeks ago, the Chinese invested $15 billion into Zimbabwe, with no human rights caveats, that money is likely to go straight into the hands of the senior Zanu PF leadership who will use it to reinforce their positions with the Army and militia groups.