Palani Mohan

Palani Mohan is based in Hong Kong.

Palani Mohan was born in Chennai, India, and moved to Australia as a child. His photographic career began 20 years ago at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mohan's work is regularly featured in many of the world's leading magazines and newspapers. He has published two photographic books and is working on a third. The first, "Hong Kong Lives: An Intimate Portrait," is a black-and-white reportage-style look at daily life in Hong Kong. The second, "Hidden Faces of India," is a collection of nine photographic essays taken from the length and breadth of India. He's most recently published book is on Asian elephants.

He does a lot of work in India. His most recent personal projects have been on: Holi Festival, Kushti wrestlers, and the rickshaw drivers in Calcutta.