Veronique De Viguerie

Veronique de Viguerie (born 1978) is a French photojournalist currently based in Toulouse, France.

Having completed a master’s degree in law, she travelled to England to study photojournalism. She spent 3 years living and working in Afghanistan, and since 2006 has been covering stories around the world, including in Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, India, Bangladesh, Israel, Kashmir, Cameroon, Algeria, Guatemala, Morocco, the Cape Verde Islands, the DRC, South Sudan, Uganda, Mali, China, Haiti, Canada, and many more. Veronique bravely takes on these challenging assignments and personal projects in some of the most dangerous places on the planet, working regularly with her French journalist friend and colleague Manon Querouil.

Veronique’s work has been regularly published in The New York Times, Stern, Paris Match, GEO, Figaro magazine, Marie Claire, The Guardian, La Repubblica, Newsweek and in countless other titles.

In 2006 she released her first book about Afghanistan: “Regards Croises”, published by Hachette. In 2011, Veronique and her long-term journalist collaborator Manon Querouil published their travelogue “Carnets de reportages du XXIe siècle”, following that up with another in 2015 called “Profession reporters: Duex baroudeuses en terrain mine”.

In summer 2008 Veronique shot a cover story for Paris Match in Afghanistan attracting international attention, on a group of Taliban militants who had ambushed and killed French troops. She followed this up that autumn with a feature on the pirates in Somalia, completed just as the topic began to make the headlines around the world. The completed pirate project has subsequently been published in over 40 titles around the world, in over 20 countries. She has also documented oil piracy in Nigeria, social issues in Afghanistan, women’s rights group FEMEN, the hunt for the LRA and the Great Lakes region of Africa (for which HBO featured her for an episode of their series ‘Witness’), mass grave forensic work in Abkhazia, landmines in the Balkans, and work documenting western mercenaries joining Kurdish forces in Iraq in their fight again Islamic State.

Veronique has won numerous awards in her career, including the Canon Prize for Female Photojournalist of the Year in 2006, the Lagardere Grant for Young Talent that same year, the Best War Reportage award in 2010 at the Bayeux-Calvados Festival for War Correspondents, and the Photoreporter Paris-Match Femmes En Or prize in both 2014 and 2015. Also in 2014, Veronique was invited to give a talk at TEDxParis, and has appeared numerous times on French television programs.