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Welcome to Reportage by Getty Images, a showcase that promotes the work of our award winning photojournalists.

Launched in 2007, our photographers have produced remarkable work from a wide range of global events as varied as the Haiti Earthquake, the War in Afghanistan and its domestic effects, the Slaughter of Gorillas in Virunga National Park, the Mexican Drug Wars, Nigerian and Somali pirates, and the nuclear legacy of Northeast Kazakhstan.

Our clients include leading magazines, television networks, newspapers, and corporations around the world.

If you wish to commission any of our photographers please see the information above.

The site has three main functions:

  • Showcase and promote our award winning photojournalists through online portfolios and bios in an effort to raise awareness of their work and secure assignments
  • Promote current Features that can be purchased exclusively
  • Link to the Reportage Archive, a collection of our photographers’ past work

You will also see:

  • Emerging Talent, an area dedicated to young, upcoming stars chosen by the Reportage team of editors and our photographers.
  • Multimedia, a showcase area for cutting edge multimedia projects created by, or in collaboration with, our photographers

We are very proud of the achievements of the photographers we represent, who between them have won practically every major award in the industry and we will continue to support them and their commitment to powerful and poignant imagery.